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Software test engineer, language expert, game designer.

Soft Skills

Writing: Experience with...

  • Writing technical documentation

  • Defining natural language processing rules

  • Creating test cases

  • Logging bugs

  • Reporting issues

Organization: Able to....

  • Keep track of tasks

  • Maintain project files in an orderly fashion

  • Distribute team assignments

  • Manage work to ensure quality


Observation: Able to...

  • Notice details about software behavior

  • Investigate issues

  • Monitor changes in behavior throughout development


Teaching: Experience with...

  • Training teams and new employees

  • Creating clear, concise tutorials

  • Having a patient and upbeat attitude

Technical Skills

Software: Experience with...

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Outlook

  • Visio

  • Visual Studio

  • 3ds Max

  • Tortoise SVN

  • Perforce

  • Confluence

  • Jira

  • OpenOffice

  • Google Drive


Programming: Experience with...

  • C++

  • C#

  • VBA

  • SQL

  • Lua

  • ActionScript

  • HTML

  • CSS


Game Engines: Experience with...​

  • Unreal 3

  • Unity

  • Metaplace

  • Flash

  • RPG Maker

  • Tiled


Graphic Design: Experience with...

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Flash

  • Paint Tool SAI

  • Paint.NET


DigiPen Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Game Design, May 2012


Cequint, August 2018 – Now

  • Software Test Engineer (Caller ID):

    • Carried out test cases for caller ID software on a variety of Android devices

    • Logged issues in Jira

    • Created/updated test cases as app development progressed

    • Performed ad hoc testing for releases

    • Developed logging tool in C# for capturing/filtering ADB logs

    • Developed C# tool for importing/formatting device information

Voicebox Technologies (Transcend), January 2018 – August 2018

  • Software Test Engineer (Multiple projects)

    • Created and carried out test cases on multiple voice recognition projects

    • Logged and monitored issues on Jira

    • Participated in filming and writing scripts of demo videos for client company

    • Developed tools in VBA/C# to automate workplace procedures

    • Reviewed databases to ensure data validity

Samsung Electronics America (WorldLink, Lionbridge), April 2013 – December 2017

  • Lead Language Expert (Bixby):

    • Managed small team of language experts

    • Wrote syntax-based language rules using a proprietary tool for natural language processing

    • Resolved issues in voice assistant systems by modifying rules

    • Reviewed tens of thousands of system responses to evaluate technical accuracy and user friendliness

    • Tracked and reported team progress

    • Communicated and documented stylistic policies

    • Developed tools in VBA/C# to automate workplace procedures

  • Tester (S Voice):

    • Carried out test cases on mobile devices

    • Logged bugs in JIRA

    • Created templates

    • Wrote new test cases

    • Trained new employees

    • Managed team assignments

    • Wrote weekly issue reports

    • Automated test preparation procedures

    • Developed macros for distributing, compiling, and reviewing tester work


Disney Interactive (Volt), June 2012 – November 2012

  • Scripter (Club Penguin):

    • Fixed bugs

    • Implemented new sound manager

    • Wrote achievements system scripts

    • Created scripts for player behavior

    • Polished game by adjusting assets

  • Level Designer (Unannounced Project):

    • Wrote level import/export tool in Lua

    • Created prototype levels in Tiled

    • Documented portions of game design and technical design


ProjectFUN Workshops, May 2011 – August 2011

  • Instructor:

    • Taught video game programming classes to roughly twenty high school and middle school-aged students online

  • Assistant Instructor:

    • Helped teach and manage students in on-campus classes

    • Greeted guests at front desk

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