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Here are some of the projects and tools I've worked on over the years. Some of these were created for my teams at work, and some were created for myself just for fun.

Interview Editor (C#, Unity)

One of my personal interests is dialog in video games. In my free time, I created an editor to be used for a Unity game project I'm working on involving branching dialog trees. Work is currently ongoing for these. In-progress builds for both the editor and the game project can be downloaded via GitHub.

Utterance Randomizer Macro (VBA)

In order to increase test coverage and prevent over-training of our system, I developed an Excel macro in VBA to vary utterances in a test template by replacing tags with randomized content. This macro works in conjunction with two other tools to create contact and music files, making it possible to generate a whole new test template with all the necessary files in just a few clicks. Feel free to download, use, and modify as you like! Instructions for how to use it can be found in the Excel macro file itself.

Music Metadata Tool (C#)

In order to test out music-related cases, I put together a tool in C# that can create music files with metadata defined in an Excel template. This made it easy to put together large and/or highly specific music libraries quickly and inexpensively. Feel free to download, use, and modify as you like!

Contact Creation Tool (C#)

I created a C# tool that can generate a vCard (.vcf contact card file) from data in an Excel template. This made it easier to create contacts required for specific test cases. This was especially helpful for scenarios where we needed large numbers of contacts with particular phone types. Feel free to download, use, and modify as you like! 
Contact Creation Tool - Excel Template
Contact Creation Tool
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